Hong Kong Weather

Encircled by the South China Sea on the east, south, and west, Hong Kong Weather has a humid subtropical climate, which edges on mild for almost half the season. Hong Kong weather is famous for the variance and volatility, and the elements here is affected by strong winter monsoon winds, tropical cyclones, black rains and thunderstorms. Despite having a sub – tropical environment, the town encounters the four different periods of winter, fall, summer and spring.

Summer begins around the month of June and proceeds until July. These weeks are seen as a humid and hot climate with thunderstorms and periodic showers.

Temperatures throughout summer time period generally surpass 30 Celsius dur08-00hong_kong_weather_sing the evening, and evenings are additionally really cozy having the average minimal temperature of 26 Celsius. The environment during the summertime is fairly unknown and goes between damp and warm to bright and sunny. The highest average rainfall is received by august.

The fall time occurs by Sept and continues until the middle of Dec. In this period the climate is rather agreeable. The temperatures and moisture is relatively reduced during this period and the elements stays bright and clear. The climate throughout the fall period is around 20-27 Celsius. Rainfall in this period isn’t as regular as during the monsoons. This may be the best time to see Hong Kong and resorts stay loaded throughout this period.

The wintertime period is between mid-December to Feb. Hong Kong winter is moderate with temps hanging between 15 Celsius and 20 Celsius. This year is marked by reduced moisture, clear skies and bright days with a great wind. Nevertheless, the cold weather which starts bright in December slowly becomes cloudier towards February, with the periodic chilly winds coming in the north. The northeast winter monsoons bring regular chilly winds which could cause the heat to drop beneath 10 Celsius. Rainfall is perhaps not regular during the winter season and receives an average rainfall of only 30-40 mm.

Throughout the months of March to May, Hong Kong encounters the springtime time, that is characterized by hotter and much more humid climate. The climate during this period runs between 18 Celsius and 27 Celsius. Springtime is the cloudiest time of the season, and there’s a considerable increase in rainfall across the month of April. The climate in this year is unpredictable and encounters a mixture of comfortable times with large dark rain and clear blue heavens. Hong Kong receives the average of 90-120 mm rain through the season