Harbour City Kowloon – Across the Harbor from Hong Kong

The Chinese figures for “Kowloon” signifies, “9 Dragons”. Harbour City Kowloon, the busy city across the Victorian island and the metropolis of Hong Kong facing Kowloon across the harbour.

When individuals mentioned about Hong Kong, we  might even be thinking about the Kowloon peninsular due to the fact that Kow-loon & HongKong are type of linked historically.
Occasionally locations within Kow-loon are found in films to signify some spot in HongKong. There are times when people shoot Tv series to be represented in Kowloon times.

My first recollections or thoughts of Hong-Kong  was from Bruce-Lee films and James-Bond films with moments from that region. Bruce-Lee film “Enter the Monster” displays a dynamic view of  Kowloon across victorian harbour have as noticed from victorian Top. The beginning movies titled of the James-Bond’s film “You simply can live only twice” with Sean-Connery took part in HongKong and victorian Harbor–with sights of both Kow-loon & HongKong. James’s Bond film “The guy with the gold Gun” featuring Rodney Moore has Bond in Victorian harbour enters the Sunking of the Queen Mary Brown.

Therefore, when my children first saw Kowloon, we loved viewing the areas in man that we had noticed in films. The Starkie Ferry was riden by us across the have to Hong Kong. After you cross the border, you then catch a coach for the “New Areas” on main-land China from Harbour City Kowloon.

Many years ago, when i first seen Kowloon was in 1967 period, HongKong and Kow-loon were areas of the UK and the PRC (People Republic China.) China nearly un-accessable to westerners. China (and also Hong Kong being that they’re culturally still China), at least in my experience, is cryptic, and, unique interesting.

And researching Kowloon may be an experience unsurpassed – – the seems, the places, the smells, and the lively crowds. Your senses can be here almost overwhelm by exploring. This article is only a sample of the things you may see in this fascinating part of Asia!